That’s a Lot of Trouts, Mike

How much would you pay if you, a baseball team owner, knew you were getting the greatest player of his generation, and likely one of the greatest players to ever play the game? For Angels owner Arte Moreno, the answer is $430-million over twelve years. That's how much the Angels will be paying superstar outfielder... Continue Reading →

Ballpark Preview: Angel Stadium

The second Major League ballpark on our summer tour of Southern California is home to some of MLB's biggest stars like Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout: I'm of course referring to the Los Angeles Angels and their stadium, Angel Stadium! The Team While there was technically a team called "the Los Angeles Angels" in the... Continue Reading →

Our Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, How's it going, old man? Listen, I know you must get a ton of letters every year. But I'm begging you, please--read this one. Because I'm not just writing on behalf of myself. I'm writing on behalf of every single baseball fan in the world. Listening? Good. I know it must be tricky... Continue Reading →

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