50 Things I Think About The 2018 Season

After a baseball offseason that felt more like a Siberian winter than a patented MLB Hot Stove, the regular season has -- finally -- arrived. The problems of a miserable offseason (I feel you, Mike Moustakas) can be left behind. Some free agents still remain out in the cold, but for most of the teams... Continue Reading →

The All-Economy Team of 2017

Which players give you the most bang for your buck? It's an age-old question, particularly among front office executives. How can you put together the best team possible, one that has a chance to contend for the World Series, at the smallest possible cost? At Standing Room Only, we've found the answer. This is the... Continue Reading →

Melee in the Motor City

Eight ejections. Four bean-balls. Three bench-clearings. And one embarrassingly unprofessional street fight that broke out on a baseball diamond. Yes, Rob Manfred and his crack-team of MLB officials are going to have a fun time at the office today. For those of you who somehow missed the surprise undercard to the Mayweather-McGregor fight yesterday, here's... Continue Reading →

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