50 Things I Think About The 2018 Season

After a baseball offseason that felt more like a Siberian winter than a patented MLB Hot Stove, the regular season has -- finally -- arrived. The problems of a miserable offseason (I feel you, Mike Moustakas) can be left behind. Some free agents still remain out in the cold, but for most of the teams... Continue Reading →

What You Might Have Missed Over The Holidays

Welcome back to the world, everyone. The holidays are over, your families are back on jetplanes to get back to their crummy jobs, and you're left with twenty pounds of leftover Christmas turkey and New Year's Resolutions that look like they're going to get put off (again) until next year. Amidst all the festivities and... Continue Reading →

The Empire Is Evil Again

The whole thing has played out exactly like a Hollywood movie. The pure-hearted hero; the villain we know and love (to hate); the well-intention idiot that lets it all happen. The 2018 MLB season should merit Oscar consideration. To begin our story, we have to turn the clock back to last season. The Bronx Bombers... Continue Reading →

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