Gone, Cubs, Gone

Dynasties are like sand castles. They need to be built by an expert hand, crafted over time to make sure that every detail fits together precisely. Once completed, beachcombers stare aghast at the brilliance, fortitude, and glory of the structure. Then, the tide rolls in, the sandcastle is washed away, and the process begins anew.... Continue Reading →

Game 163

Pressure? What pressure? Four teams—the Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Colorado Rockies—came into the final day of the season facing must-win games. Win, and you win your division; lose, and you face the unappealing prospect of a one-game wildcard. By the end of the third inning, the Dodgers were up 9-0 on... Continue Reading →

Ballpark Preview: The Hangar

Last week Brett previewed the first Major League park on our summer ballpark tour, Petco Park. This week we're headed back down to the minors as I take a look at the Hangar, home of the Colorado Rockies' Class-A affiliate the Lancaster Jethawks! The Team For many years the franchise that would eventually become the... Continue Reading →

50 Things I Think About The 2018 Season

After a baseball offseason that felt more like a Siberian winter than a patented MLB Hot Stove, the regular season has -- finally -- arrived. The problems of a miserable offseason (I feel you, Mike Moustakas) can be left behind. Some free agents still remain out in the cold, but for most of the teams... Continue Reading →

West is Best: The NL West Division Preview

In our final division preview, we look at the dominance of the Los Angeles Dodgers; the impact that losing JD Martinez might have on the Diamondbacks; the admirable futility of the San Francisco Giants; and torsos. *Note: this was recorded late on Saturday night, after a number of beers were consumed. We apologize for the... Continue Reading →

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