The Standing Room Podcast, February 2019

Now that Scott finally bought a microphone that works properly, and Brett managed to dig himself out of the snow in Ohio, it's time for a new Standing Room podcast to kick off Spring Training! On this episode of our podcast that is completely and totally related to baseball: Scott argues about imperial pints; Brett... Continue Reading →


There's a saying that a watched pot never boils. At some point, though, after tears stream down our face and our eyeballs turn to dust from staring at the pot for days and days on end, it's time to wonder if someone even bothered to turn the damn stove on. Bryce Harper is a former... Continue Reading →

50 Things I Think About The 2018 Season

After a baseball offseason that felt more like a Siberian winter than a patented MLB Hot Stove, the regular season has -- finally -- arrived. The problems of a miserable offseason (I feel you, Mike Moustakas) can be left behind. Some free agents still remain out in the cold, but for most of the teams... Continue Reading →

Back From Baseball Hiatus

As you may have noticed, due to a confluence of heavy workloads, trying to finding a job, and the fast-approaching commencement of the academic year, the pace of articles on this blog has slowed to match the dog-days of summer. I've even gone a full week without watching any baseball games. And upon the conclusion... Continue Reading →

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