Hello, Friends

That's how CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz begins all of his broadcasts. "Hello, friends." It's a reassurance, welcoming listeners to pop in, stay a while, put your feet up, grab a cold one from the fridge, and join the festivities. Jim Nantz has never called a baseball game, but that trademark of welcoming listeners in as... Continue Reading →

The Standing Room Only Guys Are Back

You guys still here? Yes, we are back! After a little time off, the Standing Room Only guys are back! Life has come in full force. After an exciting ballpark tour this summer, our blog and podcasting has taken a back seat to some exciting life moments. For me, the work I have been doing... Continue Reading →

Standing Room Only Returns!

Hello? Is this thing still on? Standing Room Only is back! What a crazy ride it has been while we were away! We apologize for being gone for so long. Scott has been without power for over a week after what was left of Maria hit Maine and I have been busy with the beginning... Continue Reading →

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