Podcast At The End Of The Tunnel

As states start to reopen and governments lift shelter-in-place restrictions, could baseball be back on the horizon? Brett and Scott discuss that, the Korean Baseball Organization, and the Biggest, Sexiest Book Review in podcast history -- listen here!

A Love Letter to Pitcher At-Bats

Baseball fans get defensive over the sport they love, especially one so rooted in tradition and nostalgia. "The game is perfect the way it is!" we shout from the rafters to anyone who dares to suggest otherwise. Any proposed rule change has a nasty habit of turning the steady drone of baseball purism into a... Continue Reading →

50 Things I Think About The 2018 Season

After a baseball offseason that felt more like a Siberian winter than a patented MLB Hot Stove, the regular season has -- finally -- arrived. The problems of a miserable offseason (I feel you, Mike Moustakas) can be left behind. Some free agents still remain out in the cold, but for most of the teams... Continue Reading →

Our Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, How's it going, old man? Listen, I know you must get a ton of letters every year. But I'm begging you, please--read this one. Because I'm not just writing on behalf of myself. I'm writing on behalf of every single baseball fan in the world. Listening? Good. I know it must be tricky... Continue Reading →

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