No, I Will Not Trust The Process

The Process has arrived in Major League Baseball. In the offseason, teams look to build a competitive roster. Some try to build a team that can win the World Series. Others have their eyes further down the road, trying to parlay their assets into prospects that can deliver a championship in five to ten years... Continue Reading →

Something Brewing in Milwaukee? Not Just Yet

Last week the Brewers--the Brewers, of all teams!--finally set fire to baseball's cryogenically-frozen Hot Stove by trading for Christian Yelich, then signing free agent outfielder Lorenzo Cain to a five-year, $80-million contract. The moves demonstrate a front office that is determined to build on last season's 86-76 record and make the postseason in 2018. But... Continue Reading →

What You Might Have Missed Over The Holidays

Welcome back to the world, everyone. The holidays are over, your families are back on jetplanes to get back to their crummy jobs, and you're left with twenty pounds of leftover Christmas turkey and New Year's Resolutions that look like they're going to get put off (again) until next year. Amidst all the festivities and... Continue Reading →

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