Talkin’ Bout That Rona

Brett and I have been planning to relaunch the Standing Room Only Podcast. We've been workshopping ideas for formats, topics, segments, and styles. We've been practicing and perfecting our ideas. Our intention was to start releasing podcasts this spring, with the start of the 2020 baseball season. We hoped to do it with lots of... Continue Reading →

Driving Through the End of the World

Say one thing for me: I have truly dreadful timing. On Monday morning, I left the state of Maine. Since I completed my graduate degree, I had been living there while (unsuccessfully) looking for work all over the United States. I felt like I was shooting arrows into the fog, hoping to hit something without... Continue Reading →

Memorable Careers: Jake Westbrook

It’s time to revive my favorite series for Standing Room Only: Memorable Careers. In this series, Scott and I pick some of our all time favorite players. The only rule we have here is that the players we pick to profile cannot be major franchise icons. They have to be players that may fly under... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Absurdity of Spring Training Baseball

Baseball is back! Well, sort of. Spring Training baseball is back. And while it doesn't have the same intensity or emotional verve as regular season baseball, there are a few things that make spring baseball both beautiful and patently absurd The Beautiful Absurdity of "This One (Doesn't) Count" Old faces, new places...useless scorelines "Hey Scott,... Continue Reading →

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