Huntington Park: Columbus

Scott’s Thoughts: Huntington Park is a versatile venue situated right in the heart of Columbus’s Arena District. Brett and I had seats in the front row down the third base line, but we also wandered into the upstairs bar and restaurant in left field. Huntington also has a party deck out to right field which Brett swears is a fantastic place to watch a game (but we weren’t allowed up there). There were also a number of excellent Columbus-based breweries with stands in the ballpark. But oddly enough, for me there was something missing here. The whole thing felt too sterile, too symmetrical, like it was designed to be a perfect ballpark. I missed the little quirks and personalities that other ballparks have. Huntington Park is still a nice place to watch a game, and Columbus is a great sports town, but perhaps the facility was designed with too much precision and not enough of a caution-to-the-wind mentality.

Brett’s Thoughts: This is my second most visited ballpark besides Progressive Field and I love this park personally. This was my first time going to the bar on the second level in left and it has its own menu of food and beer. What we learned is that if you want to eat up there, you have to reserve a table before you visit the park. Lesson learned. This was my first time sitting down the line and I loved the seats (minus the fact that my seat was literally the only one in my row without a cup holder). There is a wide variety of food and beer and my favorite part is how many seating options there are. I have sat in the outfield grass, the left field bleachers, right field line, left field line, the Party Deck in Left, and the drink rails. The rails run all around the park (including behind home plate). There are still places in the park I have yet to sit. Every single spot in the park gives you a different feel and a different experience. Even though it is a minor league park, I am still constantly finding new foods to try and new places to take in a game. The park is a personal favorite and I highly recommend you add it to your list.


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