Great American Ballpark: Cincinnati

Brett’s Thoughts: This was my favorite park on the entire trip. This park has a very unique style and identity to it. The history of this organization can be seen when you go to the Reds Hall of Fame. While it was annoying that there was a cost to go in, it was well worth the price of admission and the exhibits were a combination of displays with artifacts and touch screens where Reds players told you about different skills and how to master them.

You can also practice pitching off the mound to a simulated batter that tracks your pitch velocity. Scott may need a bit of work.

You can also jump into the broadcast booth and try your hand at calling the most infamous moments in Reds history.

The stadium has a beautiful setup and there are tons of seating options to it. In terms of food, you can’t really go wrong with lots of local options. With the Ohio River in the background and the river boats in sight, this is a fantastic sight for any baseball fan. My only complaint with this park is price. Scott and I spent over $25 to sit literally at the top of the ballpark. While the bleachers are cheap, this was our next cheapest option. The beer and the hat I bought were over priced (because I got the same things in Cleveland for $5 less). Overall, however, this is a must see stop of any baseball fan. Just make sure you bring some extra cash with you.

Scott’s Thoughts: If you love baseball, go to Cincinnati. It’s one of the best baseball towns in America, and it has the ballpark to prove it. The Reds Hall of Fame is a must-see for baseball fans, though it does at times have the appearance of a shrine to Pete Rose. Inside the park, the view of the Ohio River out over right field is Cincinnati at its finest, and the fans are always in good spirits (even if the team is as poor as they are this year). There are a variety of different food and beer options–though I must admit, the Skyline Chili Dog is a bit overrated. My one complaint with Great American Ballpark is the price: everything was about 20% more expensive than it should have been. Still, if you’re a baseball fan, you’ve got to get to Cincinnati.


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