That’s a Lot of Trouts, Mike

How much would you pay if you, a baseball team owner, knew you were getting the greatest player of his generation, and likely one of the greatest players to ever play the game? For Angels owner Arte Moreno, the answer is $430-million over twelve years. That's how much the Angels will be paying superstar outfielder... Continue Reading →

Hope Springs Eternal

The trucks have made their way down south. The lockers have been packed with care. For many, it feels like a strange combination of Christmas and spring all at the same time. The players have awoken from their long winter slumber to return to their teams with the hope everlasting that this year they will... Continue Reading →

The Standing Room Podcast, February 2019

Now that Scott finally bought a microphone that works properly, and Brett managed to dig himself out of the snow in Ohio, it's time for a new Standing Room podcast to kick off Spring Training! On this episode of our podcast that is completely and totally related to baseball: Scott argues about imperial pints; Brett... Continue Reading →

A Love Letter to Pitcher At-Bats

Baseball fans get defensive over the sport they love, especially one so rooted in tradition and nostalgia. "The game is perfect the way it is!" we shout from the rafters to anyone who dares to suggest otherwise. Any proposed rule change has a nasty habit of turning the steady drone of baseball purism into a... Continue Reading →


There's a saying that a watched pot never boils. At some point, though, after tears stream down our face and our eyeballs turn to dust from staring at the pot for days and days on end, it's time to wonder if someone even bothered to turn the damn stove on. Bryce Harper is a former... Continue Reading →

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