Podcast At The End Of The Tunnel

As states start to reopen and governments lift shelter-in-place restrictions, could baseball be back on the horizon? Brett and Scott discuss that, the Korean Baseball Organization, and the Biggest, Sexiest Book Review in podcast history -- listen here!

New Podcast, Same Quarantine

There's a lot of things to do during this COVID-19--induced hiatus. You could read a book; take up a new hobby; stare aimlessly at the four walls of your room until they start spinning and your life becomes a terrifying tribute to a Salvador Dali painting. Or you could talk into microphones. Brett and I... Continue Reading →

Talkin’ Bout That Rona

Brett and I have been planning to relaunch the Standing Room Only Podcast. We've been workshopping ideas for formats, topics, segments, and styles. We've been practicing and perfecting our ideas. Our intention was to start releasing podcasts this spring, with the start of the 2020 baseball season. We hoped to do it with lots of... Continue Reading →

Case of the Podcasts: Happy Monday!

Sometimes, you need a six-pack of baseball...and sometimes, you want a full case. Today is one of those days. In lieu of a "Case of the Mondays" article, feast your eyes and ears on our newest podcast! We discuss Ohtani-mania, last week's Puerto Rico series between Cleveland and Minnesota, and the recent signing of Jose... Continue Reading →

West is Best: The NL West Division Preview

In our final division preview, we look at the dominance of the Los Angeles Dodgers; the impact that losing JD Martinez might have on the Diamondbacks; the admirable futility of the San Francisco Giants; and torsos. *Note: this was recorded late on Saturday night, after a number of beers were consumed. We apologize for the... Continue Reading →

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