Canal Park: Akron

Scott’s Thoughts: If you like ballpark food, Akron is your Mecca. May I present to you the Three Dog Night: a hot dog…inside a bratwurst…inside a kielbasa.

Three Dog Night Hot Dog

If that’s not your scene, maybe you’d prefer the Nice 2 Meat You Burger, a burger with over a pound of meat topped with chunks of hot dog. There’s also the Notorious P.I.G., a pulled-pork sandwich where pork tenderloins serve as the buns. If that’s not enough, you can finish with dessert: The Screamer is a full-on ice cream sundae, complete with 21 (!!!) scoops of ice cream.

The rest of the ballpark is great too. It has a small-town feel, giving it a more-welcoming atmosphore than a park like Fifth Third Field. The number of seating options cater to every type of fan, from families to 21+ year-olds like us. Canal Park is one of my favorite ballparks I’ve ever visited; though I’m not still sold on the Rubberducks name (what can I say, Aeros just has a great ring to it!)

Brett’s Thoughts: This was my first time to Canal Park and we decided to sit in the Homerville, a party deck where all of the seats are swivel seats and you have a rail to place your food and drinks. What was my ulterior motive for selecting these seats? It was ‘education day’ and the school I have been subbing at was in attendance. With the shades on and a ball cap on, I was incognito. These seats were absolutely fantastic and I would love to sit there again. The ballpark has its small town feel to it with Akron Children’s Hospital looming in Left Field. This is a park I would love to revisit in the evening. The Rubberducks own a restaurant attached to the park called ‘The Game Bar & Grill’ that has tons of memorabilia. It opens two hours before game time, so I would love to visit again to try the food.

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