Fifth Third Field: Toledo

Fifth Third Field is located in downtown Toledo and is home to the Toledo Mudhens. The park features a craft beer section in left field, standing room and family sections in center field and in right field, and setting (both lower and upper deck) around the infield.


Scott’s Thoughts: The first ballpark on tour was a good starter; not too outstanding, but solid in almost every way. I like the fact that the concourse runs around the full park, allowing for easier exploration of the stadium. Food options were a bit underwhelming (the only option I had for beer was Bud Light. Ugh.), but that may have been the product of a 10:35 start; most of the beer stalls were closed. Brett and I had standing room seats in the outfield down the third base line, giving us a pretty good view of the ballpark. Fifth Third Field is a good ballpark, one that Toledo fans should be proud of. I would not consider it, however, a must-see destination for any baseball fan.

Fifth Third Field

Brett’s Thoughts: Overall, I loved the feel of the park. It fit right in with the rest of the neighborhood and you could see how they tried to have the stadium reflect old Tigers Stadium. They had the corner seats in left field and drink rails around the entire outfield. The food and beer options were limited (most likely due to it being ‘education day’ at the park) so I settled for Bud Light and pizza at 10:35 in the morning. While it was not my favorite park, I would love to return for a night game for a different atmosphere and try some of the rooftop seating that is offered just across the street.

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