Baseball is for fans.

At least, that’s what we think. At Standing Room Only, we want to highlight the fan experience of baseball as well as the on-the-field action. We love bat flips and double plays as much as we love cabanas and bobblehead giveaways. Baseball is a mini-vacation, so think of us as your tour guides.

But who are we, exactly? Scott Wagner is the guy you see at the ballpark with a loaded hot dog in one hand and a marked-up scorecard in the other. He’s been following baseball since 2006, when his beloved Tigers made the World Series. (Don’t remind him about Pablo Sandoval’s three-home-run game in the 2012 World Series. He doesn’t want to talk about it.) He is an expert in baseball film trivia, a connoisseur of ballpark food, and a firm believer that pitchers should have to bat (*cough-cough* Bartolo Colon).

Scott and Brett at Great American Ballpark, part of last summer’s Great Ohio Ballpark Tour.

Brett Hall is the guy that leaves his seat for a snack but comes back with a new hat, t-shirt, and $75 less in his wallet. He’s been following baseball since CoCo Crisp was the hot cereal in Cleveland back in 2005. Brett is a skilled baseball imitator, able to replicate the pitching motions – but not the skill – of major league hurlers. He believes that defensive shifts are bush-league, except when it works in his team’s favor.

We began in the spring of 2017 at a small craft brewery in Wooster, OH, where we both attended college. Since then, we’ve written over 100 articles, visited eleven (and counting) ballparks, and drunk a staggering amount of beer. Read and listen along as we discuss everything there is to love about the Greatest Game on Earth, and how you can get the most enjoyment out of baseball.

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