Talkin’ Bout That Rona

Brett and I have been planning to relaunch the Standing Room Only Podcast. We’ve been workshopping ideas for formats, topics, segments, and styles. We’ve been practicing and perfecting our ideas. Our intention was to start releasing podcasts this spring, with the start of the 2020 baseball season. We hoped to do it with lots of fanfare, maybe a large party with balloons, cake, beer, and five hundred of our closest friends.

Then a global pandemic happened. So instead of putting together a professional, high-quality podcast, we produced this thing instead.

It might sound a bit sloppy; I can assure you that we’re working out the kinks. It might seem like nonsense because, frankly, we’re all a bit stunned at the recent events engulfing our world. It might be a bit ridiculous because, well, have you met the two of us? But one thing I can assure you is that it is honest, and genuine, and 100% true to who we are. And perhaps right now we could all use a bit more of that.

I’ll let you imagine the balloons and the fanfare for yourself, but I’ll provide you with this: the return of the Standing Room Only Podcast.

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