PNC Park: Why SRO Loves Riverfront Ballparks

I am a little behind on my blogging over the summer. Between my overseas vacation, working on my house, starting school, and planning a wedding it seems as if there are never enough hours in the day to talk about baseball. So here is my attempt over this holiday weekend to get caught up on some baseball writing!

A few weeks ago, my fiance and I went to Pittsburgh with two of her friends to check out PNC Park and the Pirates. The last time I had visited PNC was in eighth grade, so I got a fresh new look at what this park has to offer now being an of-age adult.


First, this park is beautiful on the outside. It is tucked in on the street and does not look out of place when compared to the surrounding buildings. It has a very small town feel when entering. There isn’t much sidewalk space when entering the park behind home plate, but to me, that’s not a bad thing. It reminded me of when you enter Huntington Park in Columbus: as if the park had always been in the neighborhood and that this is just how the city came of age around it.


The concourse is small and quaint, with large steel beams reminding you that you are in Pittsburgh after all. With a large selection of food and drinks spread throughout the ballpark, it never felt as if it was overcrowded in the concourse.

THIS IS A MUST! You need to venture out to center field and behind the right field bleachers and walk along the riverfront. It offers some of the coolest views and drinking atmospheres in baseball. Before the game, it is pretty laid back and quiet which is perfect if you just want to slow down and checkout the downtown skyline while drinking a pint.

We struggled to find our seats (not because the Pirates didn’t label the sections well) because we did not realize that they were actually in the suite level. The seats at this level are reasonably priced and by far offer the most bang for your buck. First of all, you have a private entrance with two private bars, multiple restaurants, two areas to shoot pool, hundreds of pieces of memorabilia, and air conditioning for those hot summer days.


And the view? You can’t beat the view from this level. By far one of the best views in all of baseball.

While the Pirates were stomped by the Mets at our game, the experience I had was nothing short of first class. I would definitely make the venture to Pittsburgh again to take in the wonderful views and food of one of MLB’s best ballparks.


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