The Standing Room Only Guys Are Back

You guys still here? Yes, we are back! After a little time off, the Standing Room Only guys are back! Life has come in full force. After an exciting ballpark tour this summer, our blog and podcasting has taken a back seat to some exciting life moments.

For me, the work I have been doing at the Harding Home with helping with our big restoration and presidential library project has consumed a good amount of my summer. Combine that with starting my second year of teaching, blogging kinda took a back seat. Scott, on the other hand, spent his summer working in California and has just landed in London to start grad school. We all know, however, that being on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean won’t stop Scott from watching and blogging.


So with Scott and myself finally settling back in after a month or so off, we are pumped to say that we are back! We are getting back on the horse and giving you the fan’s perspective of America’s pastime. The podcast will be making it’s grand return starting right before the MLB Playoffs. We apologize in advance as we get back into a groove with both blogging and podcasting as the time difference between London and Marion, Ohio will take some time adjusting to.

We are glad that you have stuck with us, and we hope you will join us for some ballparks, beer, and a whole lot of baseball. As always, come and join us at the drink rail for some standing room only baseball.

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