Standing Room Only Returns!

Hello? Is this thing still on? Standing Room Only is back! What a crazy ride it has been while we were away! We apologize for being gone for so long. Scott has been without power for over a week after what was left of Maria hit Maine and I have been busy with the beginning of my quiz bowl team going, parent-teacher conferences, and preparing for off-season workouts for the baseball team. Since our last podcast, we have seen one of the greatest World Series of our life time and qualifying offers have gone out. We are approaching free agency and we have a lot to cover with potential landing spots for free agents.

We will be spending lots of time reflecting on this past season. We will cover all the highs and lows, all of the surprises and disappointments, the oddities and the tragedies. We will reflect on those we lost this past season, including the life of Roy Halladay who tragically died in a plane crash Tuesday afternoon.

We will be returning with our weekly podcast on Soundcloud and will be back behind the keyboard writing weekly for you all. Even though winter is almost here, there will be plenty of baseball action and we will be counting down the days with you until pitchers and catchers report for spring training. We also are working on our next ballpark tour, so stay tuned!

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