Now that we have your attention with that title…

Standing Room Only is now available in podcast form!

Brett and I have been discussing this change for a while. With our schedules piling up as the school year gets into full swing, we wanted to shift gears and focus on producing content in a new and more accessible manner. We’ll still be writing articles as well, for those of you too lazy to listen to a podcast, but we hope to shift more of our discussion and witty banter over to our podcast.

What can you expect from the podcast? Well, let me put it this way: walk into a sports bar and find the two slightly-inebriated gentlemen arguing about baseball. It’s like that, but funnier.

We’ll be posting our podcasts on our SoundCloud page, which you can access here. The first one just went live this morning; in it, Brett and I discuss the AL Wildcard game, the future of Derek Jeter and the Miami Marlins, and offer our predictions for the ALDS and NLDS.

Also…we don’t actually have a name for it yet. We used up all our creative energies on the podcast itself, and just ran out of juice trying to name it. So, dear reader, if you have any suggestions on what we should call our podcast, you know what to do — hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. Excellent name suggestions will be rewarded with a six-pack of your choice, courtesy of Standing Room Only (I’m totally serious here too).

Go listen! Do it now!

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