What Harvey and Irma Have Shown Us About the Baseball Community

$200 billion in damage. Hundreds of thousands of people displaced from their homes. Many injured. Far too many dead. That has been the reality that many folks have faced in the southern part of our county. The images that we have seen on TV from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have been a lot to handle. Through the wreckage, though, we have seen stories of hope, bravery, and miracles. We have seen how communities across the country have sprung to action to help those in need. Celebrities, professional athletes, and others have used their platforms to spread awareness and raise money for those in need. Ordinary people have stepped up and come together for the greater good. Even the students at the school where I work have stepped up and are raising money for victims of Harvey and Irma. While there are many great causes and amazing people helping with this rebuilding process, here at Standing Room Only we wanted to take a moment and recognize how the baseball community has come together to help those affected from this hurricane season.

If you aren’t aware, baseball has such an amazing community. From the fans that go to the ballpark and travel to different parks to watch the game, to members of the front office, to the players on the field, when someone is in need, baseball is there. Baseball is supposed to be an escape from the world and from the stresses of everyday life. For those affected by hurricanes this year, this is their reality. But for one moment, a few hours in the day, baseball is here to put a smile on your face.

We have seen how #HoustonStrong has helped Houston come back together.





We have seen countless players and organizations raise funds for victims of Harvey and Irma.


With teams being displaced from their home ballparks, they have had to travel to other cities to play home games. We have seen the lengths that other baseball organizations will go to make those teams feel right at home like for the Astros and Rays.

What is amazing about baseball is that it is more than just a game. Baseball is a community. Baseball is there to pick you up when you are down, when you need a shoulder to cry on, and when the harsh realities of life set in. While Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have forced schedule changes for Major League Baseball and have cost home games for teams and fans for those teams displaced, we still must remember that there are things that are bigger than baseball at hand here. Baseball, however, is here to help with the healing and rebuilding process. When national tragedies and events occur, baseball has become more than a game. It has become a beacon of hope for people that have little. It is a return to the normalcy of life. It just feels right.

Now, us here at Standing Room Only aren’t here to just blow smoke and talk the big game. We know that as an amazing baseball community, players and fans alike can help those in need. We know as a blog and with wide readership, we can help make a difference. There are so many great causes to help people affected by Harvey and Irma. We aren’t here to rank them, we just want to help as many people as we can. If you would like to donate to help those in need, you can visit great charities and causes such as One America Appeal, a charity set up by the living ex-presidents,  The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, a nonprofit fun set up by the Mayor of Houston, or Brigid’s Crossing Foundation, which is an animal shelter in Naples, Florida. There are so many more charities and funds that can help those in need, so please check them out.

Baseball is here. Thank you, players and fans for the love and support you give every single day.

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