Why the Potomac Nationals Just Won the Promo Competition

Tonight, the Potomac Nationals are hosting one of my favorite promos ever. It’s GEORGE COSTANZA APPRECIATION NIGHT!!!! That’s right, one of our most iconic television characters has his very own night at the ballpark.


George Costanza’s life accomplishments will be noted throughout the night on the big screen including and certainly limited to:

  • Pretended to be the architect who completed the new wing of the Guggenheim Museum
  • Provided hitting tips to Bernie Williams (former 1988 Prince William Yankee) and Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees
  • Saved a whale from a clogged blowhole due to a lodged Titleist golf ball struck by friend, Cosmo Kramer
  • Drove Jon Voight’s car (not the actor, just someone with the same name)


That is one fantastic list of accomplishments. This promo night, however, gets so much better. All of the ice cream in the ballpark will be topped with Bosco Chocolate Syrup; there will be a compilation of George Costanza’s best one-liners on the video board; items in the team shop will be featured with the P-Nats best hand models; and there will be a program with safe wedding invitation tips that will remind fans to check the toxicity levels of envelopes and to not marry Susan. All staff members are required to sleep under their desks the night before the game to fully prepare for the game.


But wait, there’s more! In addition to all of the fun activities at the ballpark, there are a ton of great discounts for this game. If you have one of these discounts, you need to make your way down to Pfitzner Stadium for the game:

  • One (1) free grandstand ticket to any fan with the legal last name of “Vandelay” or “O’Brien” or “Costanza” or “Cartwright” (with proof of identification)
  • One (1) free grandstand ticket to any fan with “Koko” or “Louis” in any part of their full legal name (with proof of ID)
  • One (1) $5 grandstand ticket for:
  • Bald guys with the classic “horseshoe pattern”
  • Anyone wearing a cotton New York Yankees jersey
  • Residents of Brooklyn, NY and Long Island, NY (with proof of ID)
  • All marine biologists (with proof of profession)
  • Any group of three guys and one girl will receive one (1) free grandstand ticket (the group can decide who gets the free ticket)
  • Anyone named Lloyd Braun will be charged a $5 service fee for any ticket transaction
  • Actor Jason Alexander who played “George Costanza” on Seinfeld will receive free admission to the event and a complimentary premium ticket if he decides to attend the game
  • If the P-Nats go out on a high note via a walk-off victory over the Pelicans like George would love to see, every fan in attendance will receive one (1) free grandstand ticket voucher to any remaining 2017 P-Nats home game upon leaving Pfitzner Stadium after the game

If you are an avid Seinfeld fan, this is a game you need to be at! If you’ve never seen Seinfeld before, you will be very very confused and be spending the game wondering what the hell is going on. It’s a show about nothing, which means everything at the ballpark tonight is about absolutely nothing. So make your way to the ballpark, it’s definitely way better than staying home and watching Rochelle Rochelle. Let’s pay tribute to our short friend with glasses that looks like Humpty-Dumpty with a melon hat.



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