Standing Room Only Has Been Revamped

It’s crazy to think that Standing Room Only started only a few short months ago. The idea was born at a table at the JAFB Brewery in Wooster around the time we started planning our Ohio Ballpark tour in March. Scott and I thought that this would be a great way to not only blog about our love of baseball, but also to stay in touch with each other when our days at The College of Wooster were over. As the blog gained more and more readership, Scott and I kept writing. With a schedule of 5 posts a week, we have kept ourselves very busy this summer. While it has been a fun journey, it was time for a change.

Our old blog platform made it difficult search old articles, organize information, and it just wasn’t what we wanted visually. Well, welcome to the newly revamped Standing Room Only! We have spent a ton of time thinking about how you could get the most out of this blog and how could we make it more fun. We changed the format where you can search articles more easily, instead of searching for past articles by scrolling forever until you find it. We added a slider to put some of our more popular posts on so if you missed it, you can easily get to it. An finally, the most useful aspect of the blog, the ballpark review tab.

The ballpark review section of the blog is organized by state and includes both minor league and major league parks that we have visited over the years. While we are working on creating a consistent format across all our reviews, you can find our takes on different parks across the country. Each review includes the seating options, where you should get your food and drinks during the game, and how it rates in our books. Because Scott and I are not in the same place, we should be able to cover twice as much territory. We have Ohio, Maine, and Massachusetts up right now. We have visited many more parks, we just need to add them in!

There is one more component that we are adding. Starting next week, we will be hosting a weekly podcast right here at We will talk about everything from what’s going on in baseball that week, to silly debates, to where we plan on going next on our ballpark journeys. All our podcasts will be archived on our website. We welcome all to tune in and even give us your two cents worth on whats going on in baseball.

It’s only late June, but baseball is just heating up. There are so many great stories in the game this year and its never too late to jump into this season’s action. Join us this summer here at Standing Room Only. Get yourself a beer, grab a spot on the rail, enjoy the evening, and play ball.

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