When You Can’t Get Bleacher Seats…

You get Standing Room Only.

There’s something pure about watching a baseball game from the drinks rail. Maybe it’s the way your feet feel after standing for three hours straight. Maybe it’s the way you interact with fans nearby. Or maybe it’s the summer shandy catching up with you. Either way, you’re watching live baseball – life doesn’t get much better.

That’s what this blog is about: baseball, and the love of the game. We love the diving catches, the booming home runs, and the strikeouts – though we stand by the tradition that ground balls are more democratic. But baseball is more than a game; it’s an experience, a three-hour vacation from the normal day. Every baseball fan has a story about their first visit to the ballpark. That experience is as much a part of baseball as the game itself. What would baseball be without cracker jacks, craft beer tents, and freebie team giveaways? Players make the game, and fans make the game America’s past-time.

Here at Standing Room Only, we celebrate both sides of the game – the players on the field, and the fans off it. We analyze the game with stats and sabermetrics, but at heart we’re fans. Throughout the coming weeks and months we’ll be posting articles about players, teams, fans, stadiums – anything we can think of that remotely deals with baseball. We’ll also be taking you on a ballpark tour of Ohio in May. Finally, look out for podcasts which will be starting up in the near future. So grab a spot at the rail, and join us as we watch the game from Standing Room Only.

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