Re-Opening Day

Spring is the time of renewal, of rebirth. Winter's icy tendrils recede, the false sunlight of January replaced by the real life-giving warmth of May. Grass that has lain dusty and barren reemerges in deep hues of green. Days grow warmer, nights grow longer, and life becomes that little bit brighter. After a pandemic winter... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Politics. It’s Humanity.

It was one of those days where I found myself constantly refreshing Twitter, constantly opening my phone to find the newest scrap of information, the most recent unenlightened shred of hot-takery the tempestuous maelstrom of the Internet had to offer. Last Wednesday (August 26), the Orlando Magic took the court for Game 5 of their... Continue Reading →

Passed Ball

Oh, what could have been. This season was brimming with storylines. Could the Dodgers finally get over the hump with the addition of Mookie Betts? Would Gerrit Cole anchor the Yankees' rotation en route to their first World Series in what feels like a lifetime for Yankees fans? Would Wander Franco make the Rays roster... Continue Reading →

Podcast At The End Of The Tunnel

As states start to reopen and governments lift shelter-in-place restrictions, could baseball be back on the horizon? Brett and Scott discuss that, the Korean Baseball Organization, and the Biggest, Sexiest Book Review in podcast history -- listen here!

The Question MLB Hasn’t Answered Yet

A draft of MLB's new health and safety protocols for baseball during the coronavirus pandemic includes enough details to make even the most meticulous of contract lawyers swoon. Social distancing is the watchword of the day. Gone are the dugouts; instead, players not on the field will be sitting in the stands--six feet apart, of... Continue Reading →

Memorable Careers: Joel Zumaya

Some baseball players are stars, burning bright in our night sky year after year, dazzling us with their effervescence and majesty. Others are nebulous gases -- full of potential, capable of becoming stars, but never quite taking that step to stardom. Even rarer are the comets: players that flash across the sky in a blaze... Continue Reading →

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